“Tutor of the Heart” by Nicole Zuleger

   “You’re ten minutes late, Brady,” Sophia chided, not looking up from her book on French culture.    Brady gave her a goofy grin and sat down across from her. “Well, I lost track of time at band practice. We’re working on a new song and it’s going to be a big hit. Do youContinue reading ““Tutor of the Heart” by Nicole Zuleger”

“Accidental Wounds” by Nicole Zuleger

   Wound healing is a dynamic process. For the healing process to begin, there first has to be a wound. Purposeful and accidental wounds must be treated differently. A purposeful wound, like a surgical incision or the random girl in the library calling me a bitch for being upset that she sexted my boyfriend, doContinue reading ““Accidental Wounds” by Nicole Zuleger”

“Three Buzzes” by Nicole Zuleger

   She looks down at her phone as it buzzes three times to signal a message. It’s her boyfriend. Again. She shouldn’t be annoyed like she is, but she’s getting sick of the constant hounding from him and the rest of the world. She wants nothing more than to lie down and sleep and ignoreContinue reading ““Three Buzzes” by Nicole Zuleger”