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“Bits and Pieces” by Lauren Hampton

Winner of the Joanne Harrison Hopkins Literary Achievement Award 2016

   Where am I? Flashes, bits of memories, glowing like dying embers in the back of my mind. I could see faces, but not make out any features. Who were these people? I couldn’t make any sense of the images that were jumbled around in my mind. There was a picture of different people all huddled around what looked like a fireplace. The next image showed three different sized men walking through a snow covered forest with large sticks in their hands. One by one, they began to disappear. Whispers of screams, ringing in my ear, and as quickly as the images came, they disappeared.

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“Pronounced” by Caitlyn Minelli

Winner of the Joanne Harrison Hopkins Literary Achievement Award 2015

   Mavis slammed her head against the steering wheel of her black VW bug. “I so don’t want to go in there,” she groaned. When she pulled into the long gravel drive of her family’s mansion she immediately wanted to turn around. Ashby Hall was a white, three-story dwelling with ionic pillars that only reached the second story. There were two porches, one on the first and another on the second story, which wrapped around the entirety of the building. The black shutters had been freshly painted and shone in the sunlight. The antebellum monstrosity had sat there for hundreds of years with her family as permanent residents. Literally. They had had a private mausoleum built in the back left corner of the sweeping grounds and gardens behind the house. It might have looked magnificent, but Mavis would have given anything to be anywhere else. She knew what her aunt had left for her in the parlor. Read the rest of this entry

“No Place Like Hell” by Caitlyn Minelli

Winner of the Joanne Harrison Hopkins Literary Achievement Award 2014

   Kira Lane looked around in confusion. She was in a closed cavern with huge stalagmites and stalactites jutting from the floors and ceilings. In some places they had grown to such an extent that each met to form pillars. Flames flickered behind the rocks and cast shadows along the walls.

   Despite the fires, however, there was a deep chill to the place. Kira’s attention was caught by the movement of a red curtain that was situated behind a tall podium. Screams echoed around the cavern in earnest.

   “Where in God’s name am I?” she asked herself. Read the rest of this entry

“A Real Ghost’s Story” by Jennifer Dodds

Winner of the Joanne Harrison Hopkins Literary Achievement Award 2014

   “Do you really think it’s haunted?” Bonehead-One asked, tiptoeing into the foyer.

   “Suzy Anderson came here with Mike Leiber last week and they said they saw her,” Bonehead-Two answered, chomping down on her gum as she followed Bonehead-One.

   “The Witch of Todd Mansion?”

   Bonehead-Two nodded and whipped her flashlight around, almost catching me as I ducked behind the wall.

   Hiding my laughter took some effort.

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