“Away” by Christie Munson

How did Arya get here? She was lying on her back with her eyes closed. She could tell she was outside because a light breeze swept her hair from her face. She brought her hands down to the ground and felt soft grass between her fingers. She opened her eyes to a blue sky; puffyContinue reading ““Away” by Christie Munson”

“Mind Over Bladder” by Christie Munson

   It was another busy day in August. The park was always packed this time of the season. Being a supervisor in food service at an amusement park certainly keeps me on my toes; there’s never a dull moment.    I was heading toward the Old Mill ice cream stand, which holds my boss’s officeContinue reading ““Mind Over Bladder” by Christie Munson”

“Fate’s Design” by Christie Munson

   Casey Pierce walks through the cereal aisle in a grocery store. Selecting a box of Raisin Bran, she turns and notices a child sitting in the front seat of a shopping cart. He’s licking a red lollipop that is almost the size of his face, while tugging on his mother’s sleeve to try andContinue reading ““Fate’s Design” by Christie Munson”