“The End” by Nikki Zuleger

My shirt flew across the bedroom and landed on the floor. I grumbled softly to myself that it didn’t manage to make it in the hamper. My jeans were next and they flopped sadly next to the blue cotton already on the floor. Man, was I useless. Good thing I never tried to play basketballContinue reading ““The End” by Nikki Zuleger”

“Life Happens When You Least Expect It” by Tram Ho Ngoc Bao

My father stopped his motorbike in front of the door of the house. I reluctantly carried my luggage to the door with a sad face. That was the third time I moved. I should have been acquainted with this situation, but I wasn’t. Maybe because this was the first time I did it alone. MaybeContinue reading ““Life Happens When You Least Expect It” by Tram Ho Ngoc Bao”

“Sunflower Walls” by Ashley R. Carbaugh

I can be found in my room with the worn pages of one of my favorite books or in my secret spot, not that anyone would look for me anyhow. I read a lot, all kinds of books, inside books is a place I could be someone else, somewhere else, and anywhere else except here.Continue reading ““Sunflower Walls” by Ashley R. Carbaugh”

“Away” by Christie Munson

How did Arya get here? She was lying on her back with her eyes closed. She could tell she was outside because a light breeze swept her hair from her face. She brought her hands down to the ground and felt soft grass between her fingers. She opened her eyes to a blue sky; puffyContinue reading ““Away” by Christie Munson”

“Gone” by Lauren Hampton

The door slammed, and Anna fell to the floor. Hot tears streaked down her cheeks as she desperately tried to catch her breath. Heather had gone; she was never coming back, and it was all Anna’s fault. Bringing her knees to her chest, Anna sobbed into the fabric of her jeans. Laying on the floorContinue reading ““Gone” by Lauren Hampton”

“A Fable For Spanish Class: Extended English Version” by Jasmine Bradley

As we look down upon an open country side, we settle our sights onto neighboring properties. On one side lies a large farm, on the other a high quality racehorse training stable. Our story focuses on two main horses. Lightning Flash was a proud, glossy coated, young bay Thoroughbred stallion. Otis was a slightly older,Continue reading ““A Fable For Spanish Class: Extended English Version” by Jasmine Bradley”