“Never Grow Up” by Jenna Kauffman

   “Striped? Or not striped?”    “Is that even a question?”    “Paige,” Wes exclaimed, exasperated. “Please.”    “Wesley,” Paige stated, using his full name and giving him a look. “Why?”    “This is important to me,” Wes stated. “You know that.”    “Obviously not striped,” Paige finally answered. “Who wears a striped tie toContinue reading ““Never Grow Up” by Jenna Kauffman”

“Bits and Pieces” by Lauren Hampton

Winner of the Joanne Harrison Hopkins Literary Achievement Award 2016    Where am I? Flashes, bits of memories, glowing like dying embers in the back of my mind. I could see faces, but not make out any features. Who were these people? I couldn’t make any sense of the images that were jumbled around in my mind.Continue reading ““Bits and Pieces” by Lauren Hampton”

“The War on Heaven” by Katelynn Gilbert

   That night, the thunder that rattled her bones and deafened her ears was not caused by Zeus’s fury. It was the battle cry of the hundreds of mortals that had gathered together to lay siege to Olympus. Though somewhat muffled, the echoes could be heard through the layer of clouds that naturally obscured theContinue reading ““The War on Heaven” by Katelynn Gilbert”

“Wholeheartedly” by Marcia Berrier

   The 3:15 bell sounds as rosy as the church bell downtown at noon. It had been one of those days that had me leafing through the calendar to count down the days until Thanksgiving break. During first period, Kaden, the class clown, had decided to wedge a handful of Crayolas into the classroom radiator.Continue reading ““Wholeheartedly” by Marcia Berrier”