“Drifting Through Life” by Stephanie Walker

   Jimmy looked out from the curb at the sea of people, shoving his hands deeper into his pockets. He felt Emily hesitantly place her hands on his shoulders and whisper in his ear, “It’s going to be fine. Now I have to get to work, so have a great day and I’ll pick you […]

“Washing Harleys Ain’t Always Good” by Anonymous

   Washing my new Harley brought about a new high/low in my life. After visiting the third car wash, each with all bays filled and a line at each, a thought came to me which I, a few minutes later, regret ever having. Each trip from one car wash to another took me past a […]

“Three Buzzes” by Nicole Zuleger

   She looks down at her phone as it buzzes three times to signal a message. It’s her boyfriend. Again. She shouldn’t be annoyed like she is, but she’s getting sick of the constant hounding from him and the rest of the world. She wants nothing more than to lie down and sleep and ignore […]

“Falling” by Mallory Sunderland

   The water rushed around them. It was hard to hear Horace shouting at her. The roaring water simply drowned out everything. But that was good. Very good. They needed this. She remembered the plans from last night. Horace had told them what to do. He was always the one in charge, but this was […]

“So Cold, So Dark, Melissa Collins” by Jennifer Liggett

   It is so cold, so dark, and I’m not sure where I am. I remember walking out of work to my car and hearing a noise behind me. That’s it. That’s all I can remember. Now I’m somewhere unfamiliar, somewhere cold and dark. I’m not sure what I should do. Should I panic, yell, scream […]

“I Need Another Story” by Alexandre Collette

   I was born an adult. The lullabies never existed. Secrets were memorized nursery rhymes. They hummed in my searching eyes. Picture books were what I saw when I closed my eyes and saw life as it is; darkness and obscene colors flashing by. I will blink for the rest of my life. Each time […]

“Guardian” by Jenna Kauffman

   Brightness flashed behind my eyelids. As I slowly opened my eyes, the light only got brighter. My scream went unheard as a car rushed towards me. I shut my eyes again tightly, still screaming as there was a “whoosh.” I slowly opened my eyes again only for there to be…nothing.    I looked around […]